Starr Hermann
Director of Consulting
Nashville Hub


Starr Hermann was a featured speaker at The K12 Facilities Forum’19

Starr Hermann, a native Nashvillian and career educator, led the design and implementation of the
nationally recognized Academies of Nashville, which now serve more than 16,000 students in Metro
Nashville Public Schools. This innovative and ambitious redesign of 12 traditional high schools required
a reimagining of structures and processes, the use of time on instruction, instructional practices,
professional development, and learning environments. Now in its 14th year, students in the Academies
of Nashville learn in an engaging environment where they can apply learning that is tailored to their
interests and talents. The Academies of Nashville are now part of the DNA of high schools in the city,
with generous guidance, partnership and support from hundreds of business and community partners as
well as city leaders and policymakers.

As a former CTE teacher, Starr recognized the invaluable role that school facilities play in order for
students to learn and practice 21st Century skills, and pushed to ensure there were state of the art
classrooms and labs, with authentic equipment, that prepared students for success beyond high school.
Starr was able to deploy industry experts to advise and support the creation or adaption of these

In her current role, Starr now serves as Director of Consulting for the Nashville Hub, and is a community
coach for Ford Next Generation Learning. She has coached communities through transforming their high
schools in over 20 districts across the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom and Scotland.

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