The Experience

Thought Provoking Content

The topics and themes discussed at the K12 Facilities Forum are peer-sourced and then reviewed by our distinguished advisory council.

Enacting Fail-Safe Security Measures
The Future of P3’s in K-12 Education
Advantageous Bond Election Strategies
Innovative Approaches to Energy Efficiency
Facilities Role in Supporting 21st Century Learning
Attracting & Retaining Facilities’ Talent
Embracing “Intelligent” Building Technologies
Prioritizing Successful Reduction of Deferred Maintenance
Fiscally Responsible Cost Reduction Strategies
Successful Long Range Planning
Maximizing Labor Resources
…and Much More

Much More Than Presentations

One-On-One Strategy Meetings

The unproductive days of aimlessly strolling an expo floor are over! In advance of the forum, participants of the K12 Facilities Forum are able to login to our private network and schedule facetime with the service providers and supplier companies that interest them most.

Intimate Group Discussions

In addition to thought-provoking presentations, The K12 Facilities Forum also includes numerous opportunities for casual discussions amongst peers. With a delegation of facilities leaders from the nation’s leading school districts we realize the potential for these organic conversations.

Unforgettable Networking

Outside of the educational and sourcing opportunities, we know that a key reason people attend events is to network. The Forum provides numerous opportunities to connect with your peers and establish new relationships. 

“The venue was perfect for unscripted unplanned conversations, whether it be at the table, fire pit, or dinner. These spontaneous occurrences helped shape the success of the event.”

Chief Operations Officer

“This conference more so than any other I’ve been to is more representative of the size of districts that I deal with.”

Deputy Superintendent of Operations


“Phenomenal event–it makes me happy to network with people that are sharing the same problems, and have more creative solutions than we do sometimes.”


Join Us!

Participation in the K12 Facilities Forum is limited to senior district facilities and operations administrators.