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Where Collaboration Inspires Innovation.

November 8-10, 2020  |  Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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The topics and themes explored at the K12 Facilities Forum are determined through extensive conversations with our network of facilities leaders from the nation’s top school districts.

Identify Strategic Partners

Forget walking an exhibit hall or sitting through hours of boardroom presentations! We curate a diverse group of leading suppliers where you’ll be able to schedule one-on-one time with providers that solely suit your needs.

Memorable Networking

Wouldn’t it be fun to travel to Palm Beach Gardens and sit in a conference center all day? Yeah, didn’t think so! We know the prime reason people attend conferences is to network. Which is why we carefully consider the social activities that take place at the event.

Driving Excellence in

K-12 Facilities

Designing, Constructing and Operating 21st Century School Buildings

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“Phenomenal event–it makes me happy to network with people that are sharing the same problems, and have more creative solutions than we do sometimes.”


“This conference more so than any other I’ve been to is more representative of the size of districts that I deal with.”

Deputy Superintendent of Operations


“The venue was perfect for unscripted unplanned conversations, whether it be at the table, fire pit, or dinner. These spontaneous occurrences helped shape the success of the event.”

Chief Operations Officer

Experience it Yourself

Check out the highlights of a recent K12 Facilities Forum below!

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  • Tattooed, Skateboarding Principal Inspires Facilities Leaders

    Hamish Brewer is known as the "relentless skateboarding principal," focused on turning around schools and attitudes in some of the most at-risk districts in the nation.  The educator of 20 years doesn't just focus on his students, however, he takes into account the entire school environment and how it impacts…

    Transforming Education Through Technology and Problem-Solving

    The world is changing rapidly. Profound advancements in technology impact every aspect of our daily lives, both big and small. Our economy is changing, The way we work is changing. The way we eat, build, and travel is changing. Everything is changing—so why isn't education? That question was at the…


    How School Facilities Leaders are Bridging the Funding Gap

    Each day, tens of millions of students walk the halls of public schools in the United States and its territories. These students are there to get a quality education, but the state of their schools could be a deterrent to learning.  Outdated heating and cooling systems, crumbling walls and poor…

PGA National Resort & Spa

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

At this Palm Beach destination, luxury is always the standard, golf is never considered just a game and together the two create an enviable lifestyle in a setting that embraces the best Florida has to offer. A tranquil hideaway to encourage real collaboration.

November 8-10, 2020 | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Join Us in Florida!

Participation in the K12 Facilities Forum is limited to senior district facilities and operations administrators. Registration is complimentary and includes 2 nights’ accommodation at the PGA National Resort & Spa, full meals and access to all networking excursions.