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The topics and themes explored at the K12 Facilities Forum are determined through extensive conversations with our network of facilities leaders from the nation’s top school districts.

Identify Strategic Partners

Forget walking an exhibit hall or sitting through hours of boardroom presentations! We curate a diverse group of leading suppliers where you’ll be able to schedule one-on-one time with providers that solely suit your needs.

Memorable Networking

We know the prime reason people attend conferences is to network. Which is why we carefully consider the social activities that take place at our gatherings.

“Phenomenal event–it makes me happy to network with people that are sharing the same problems, and have more creative solutions than we do sometimes.”


“This conference more so than any other I’ve been to is more representative of the size of districts that I deal with.”

Deputy Superintendent of Operations


“The venue was perfect for unscripted unplanned conversations, whether it be at the table, fire pit, or dinner. These spontaneous occurrences helped shape the success of the event.”

Chief Operations Officer

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Check out the highlights of a recent K12 Facilities Forum below!

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    Addressing Sustainability and Equity in New York City Schools

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    K12 - Buildings, Technology, Sustainability

    Addressing Facilities Challenges at the Nation’s Largest School Districts

    Facilities and planning leaders at several of the largest school districts in the nation recently joined together to discuss the infrastructure challenges looming in the distance.  As we begin a new decade, many of these districts, which criss-cross the nation from California to New York, are faced with out-of-date facilities,…

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Participation in the K12 Facilities Forum is limited to senior district facilities and operations administrators.